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The holidays! Yay or Nay? This is the most joyous time of the year, is it not? Yes, for some, and no for others. If you are in the "yes" category, then I wish you a happy and healthy everything, and I am grateful for you as a reader of my blog, and I hope that you will continue to read this post to foster greater understanding of those around you who "have issues" with this time of the year. For those of you who are in the "no" category, coaching will help you, not only get through the season, but will help you discover how to thrive! Communication and being unapologetically yourself is key.


  1. Why the holidays are difficult for people.

  2. Why giving attention to how you feel during the holiday season of is important.

  3. How to shift your mindset and change habits so you can thrive during the holidays.


Of course, there are many reasons that the season may present feelings of discomfort and doubt during the holidays. Social, financial, questioned beliefs (religious and otherwise), and so many more categories of life contribute to holiday stress. Today, I will focus on the one that rears its ugly head inevitably every year for most people. Family. Family is a top cause of anxiety and negative thinking during this time of the year. Why? Again, so, so, so many reasons. For example, unmet expectations, the burden of familial obligations and traditions, THE DINNER, etc. all can lead to struggles, disagreements, pressures and conflicts. These are all extremely negative downers.


This one is simple - it's because YOU are important. How you feel, how you see things, how you hear things - all important and all in your control. The holiday season is a long one - especially now this it is shoved in our faces - sometimes even before Halloween is over. How does thinking about what you need to get gift-wise for everyone make you feel? If it is a financial strain or shopping and figuring out the perfect gift is just something you don't enjoy doing, you may notice a pit in your stomach or your shoulders tensing up. This in turn puts you in a vulnerable state from the moment you start to think about it, which may be as early as October if advertisers are doing their jobs! That's a long time to be in a vulnerable state. This example may seem silly to some, and the point is to show a simple example of being put into a state that you don't want to be in without even realizing it. If you know that the holiday season presents you with any triggers or aggravations, working with a life coach can be helpful for shifting your mindset and changing your habits so that the holidays are simply the joyous occasions that they are meant to be even if you are unavoidably thrust into a vulnerable state.

Very soon the ads for "a new year, time for a new you" will start. We will be bombarded with deals and steals for different approaches to self-care - gyms, health programs, meal plans, and so on. Self-care is also accomplished in how you treat yourself; from where you derive your enjoyment, playtime, happiness and balance. Start the "new you" now with a different perspective on the holidays. Get rid of the "what ifs" you had done this or that this year. Allow a coach (preferably me) to partner with you and help you create a different journey through the season this year so that the importance of YOU and control of you is not lost for another holiday season.


You can achieve the above by learning to effectively communicate through accessing your intuition, inner wisdom and inspiration. That's it. That it? Yep. Through self-discovery with a coach in a "thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you," (taken from the ICF definition of coaching). BECAUSE - here is the big secret (not really secret) - You hold all of the answers within you to set goals and work towards achieving them. What are your beliefs? How do you identify? How do you communicate who you are when you are with your family?

Being able to effectively communicate means being aware of yourself, and it can make a huge impact on your own well-being when dealing with relatives during the holidays - or any time for that matter. Imagine how it would be to float through the season on a proverbial snowflake instead of dreading entering the proverbial depths of Hell for an entire season. I certainly do not want you to walk away from reading this feeling like you did not get any real tools for a holiday full of effectively communicating your needs and wants. So, here is a freebie: When you say "yes" to something someone else asks of you, you are, in essence, saying "no" to something for yourself. Think about how communicating a "no" to someone else and saying "yes" to yourself may change your day.

Please reach out to me, Regan at: if you have any questions. And you can schedule a free discovery call with me through my website:

I am thankful for your audience and applaud your bravery. Working on yourself is a noble and, at times, a scary commission; and you are worth it!

Until next time,


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